As part of our commitment to personal development Gearbulk has introduced 360 Degree Feedback.

What is 360 Degree Feedback?

In 360 Degree Feedback a number of people, normally including your manager, peers, direct reports and yourself, answer questions on your approach to leadership.

Why Use 360 Degree Feedback

360 degree feedback will be used as a development tool to help improve leadership effectiveness. 

Receiving feedback from multiple sources is an effective way for us to discover the strengths and weaknesses in our performance and often helps an individual understand attributes that they do not notice, but which are obvious to others.

Our objectives

The introduction of 360 feedback at Gearbulk will help us to:

  • Develop leadership skills and behaviours in a focussed way, based on the needs and requirements each leadership role
  • Improve ways of working which enable individuals and teams to contribute to the success of Gearbulk

The results should help you understand how your behaviour is perceived by others and confirm the behaviour that is most likely to achieve results. The process provides good information in relation to:

  • the difference between the way you see yourself and how you are perceived by others.
  • the differences between the perceptions of different groups of respondents (e.g your direct reports may have a different view to your manager)

How does it work?

360 Degree Feedback works by gathering the opinions of both yourself and those that you work with. Your manager, peers and direct reports are then asked to give their perception of you by answering the same set of questions, which are then compiled into a feedback report.  The respondents cannot be identified in the report so that the process offers the opportunity for people to give feedback and remain anonymous.

Identify Development Areas

Once the process is completed reports will be generated that will highlight differences between your self perception and how others see you.  Critical areas for self-development are often highlighted and these can then be included in your Individual Development Plan. You should use the workbook available to download below (or in your Control Panel) to examine your report and interpret the results.

If you require any further details with regards to Gearbulk 360 Degree Feedback, or assistance accessing your questionnaire, report or workbook please contact

Download your workbook here.